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Franchise Restaurant Accounting Services


We offer unsurpassed value, and well beyond just restaurant bookkeeping! Our cost-effective restaurant accounting services, combined with our insight into the financial best practices of quick service restaurants, allows us to help each client pinpoint ways to increase profits.  Providing outsourced accounting since 2008, Indevia has evolved into one of North America's most trusted and respected restaurant accounting specialists!


Broad Service Range

Indevia’s™ comprehensive range of flexible restaurant accounting solutions ensures we can meet all your needs—from restaurant bookkeeping and analytics to payroll and taxes. Choose from three restaurant bookkeeping service packages, as well as a la carte services, and rest assured that our expertise will provide you with significant business benefits.

Franchise Restaurant Focus

Indevia is focused on serving the restaurant bookkeeping and accounting needs of multi-unit franchise restaurants. What that means for you is that we can provide significant added value based on our in-depth industry knowledge. We’re way more than just “number crunchers”; our expertise can help boost your success.


How many accounting firms offer a 100% unconditional money-back guarantee? We haven’t found any other than Indevia. We’re so sure our restaurant bookkeeping services will meet or exceed your expectations that we guarantee it—or you get your money back. Our confidence is reflected in the results we provide to you.

Restaurant Bookkeeping Services You Can BANK On!


 Just Ask Yourself...


  • What would it be like to reduce the hassle of managing your restaurant bookkeeping while simultaneously boosting your profits?
  •  Have you ever worried about the accuracy or security of your restaurant accounting data?
  • Has a lack of timely restaurant accounting reports or financial information caused losses, fines, bank issues or poor decisions?
  • Do you have an immediate backup should your accounting person be suddenly unavailable for an extended period?


 ... If You’ve Had Any of These Thoughts or Concerns, We Can Help!


Let Indevia bulletproof your financials while providing quick reports, extreme security and cost-effective, restaurant bookkeeping.  We can also provide a full suite of services including payroll, taxes and analytics   In short, Indevia’s restaurant accounting services help you:

  • Free up time for you to manage and grow your business
  • Comply with governmental record-keeping requirements
  • Ensure you have adequate cash flows
  • Prevent theft or security breaches
  • Minimize business and/or financial disruptions
  • Monitor key profit drivers such as:
    • Same-store and entire entity sales changes
    • Changes in variable costs such as food, labor, marketing and utilities
    • Variances in fixed costs, cash flows and your ability to meet obligations to debt holders and stockholders
    • Investment per store


Boost Results With Our Powerful Analytics


Even when franchise business are growing and generating good profits, we often see trouble brewing just below the surface! These pending issues are often NOT known by the owners until they become costly. Our unique suite of Analytics and Strategic Services help our clients avoid trouble and proactively build the value of their businesses. Our Strategic & Analytics Services include:

  • Profit Leakage Analysis: We are able to pinpoint ways to immediately boost your overall profit. Adding an extra profit of just a half percent of sales can mean a lot and help capitalize your business!
  • Cash Flow Forecast Modeling: We customize a model for your business to ensure your individual stores’ cash flows provide for both corporate overhead and growth. Indevia can make cash flow projections, test them under different operating scenarios, and determine the level of debt and a payment schedule that is right for your business.
  • Custom Dashboards: Pick the key drivers of your business and we’ll create a simple dashboard that shows you where you are at based on your restaurant bookkeeping data. Keeping a watchful eye on these key drivers can make a good business great!
  • Financial Risk Assessment: Based on extensive background, we can quickly identify risks that can be expensive and, in some cases, stop or hinder your operations.
  • Operational Analyses. We can:
    • Benchmark your operation with others (using franchisor and proprietary restaurant accounting data)
    • Track the performance of each new individual store versus earlier stores.
    • Create a coherent growth strategy to direct the buying or building of new stores
    • Guide you in the best uses of debt and using the current low interest rate environment to your advantage


Our restaurant accounting professionals provide the experience and expertise to help you think strategically about financial issues and to solidify your business plans. We invite you to discuss your restaurant bookkeeping needs and learn how we can help boost your profits.  Please call 844-463-3842 for a consultation.


Our Track Record Says It All


On the following pages you'll see testimonials from our clients. We would love to use our Multi-Unit Quick Service Restaurant Accounting expertise to help your business realize its full potential! Please call us for a personal consultation or complimentary risk assessment at (844) 463-3842.

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