How Does It Work?

Indevia Makes It Easy

About 2 hours of work for you to transition your accounting to us!

Get your transition started by calling Indevia Today:
  • 01 Contract & Data Request

    Begin the process by allowing access to necessary information.

  • 02 Onboarding

    A 30 minute conference call to discuss the data request form and coordinate transfer of information.

  • 03 Secure File Transfer

    Indevia will work with you to establish electronic read-only access to your data sources via a secure file exchange available on our website.

  • 04 Quality Assurance

    The output of this entire process is recorded in a spreadsheet along with accounting procedures. You will be able to review it and sign off with your Accounting Manager.

Timely & Accurate Accounting Services

What Indevia Does For Your Franchise

We’ve made it simple to do business with us by making the onboarding process for our accounting services  as quick and pain-free as possible. We’ve heard some companies put new franchise restaurant accounting clients through a grueling transition process that can last days. Not so with Indevia: we use a transition checklist that takes us about two hours to complete in most cases.

Once you’ve become an Indevia client, you’ll find our accounting process to be streamlined and efficient. We’ll create a timeline for when you’ll receive deliverables and we won’t deviate from it. For a more complete list of our available services please see our service packages.

Get Executive Assistance At Any Time

Get Executive Assistance At Any Time

Contact our executive team at any time, for any reason.

Dev Purkayastha
Founder / CEO/Co-President

Wendy McGuire

Anjali Purkayastha
Director of Sales & Marketing