Save time by integrating your bank and restaurant accounting software!

Restaurant accounting software integrations save time.Restaurant accounting software integrations help your staff become more efficient and accurate. Indevia Accounting has partnered with Restaurant365 to give our clients a sophisticated, restaurant-specific software option with a variety of integrations.

Restaurant365 has five main integration points. In this article, we will discuss the bank integration.

  • The software imports transaction details from your bank, then matches individual withdrawals and deposits by location and reconciles them.
  • This allows you to control cash flow on a daily basis.
  • Without Restaurant365, reconciliations can take hours, even for a small number of stores.
  • Restaurant365 saves many hours of labor, while still detecting any missing money by performing reconciliations.

Indevia Accounting has specialized in restaurant bookkeeping for 10 years. We work with over 30 brands and offer customized packages to meet our clients’ needs.

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