Does your restaurant accounting software have a mobile app?

restaurant-accounting-software-appIt’s 2018 and we can do anything on our smartphones, from ordering groceries to tracking our steps. Why shouldn’t restaurant owners be able to access their restaurant accounting software from a mobile app? Indevia Accounting has partnered with Restaurant365, a mobile friendly restaurant-specific software with accounting, operations and franchising modules.

The Restaurant365 mobile app has a variety of uses:
  • Easily manage users’ access to data, so anyone in the organization can use the app.
  • Tasks like inventory are simplified and accurate – stock count can be scanned into the app.
  • Managers and employees can manage their work schedules on their mobile devices.
  • Access your restaurant accounting software no matter where you are.
Indevia Accounting has specialized in restaurant bookkeeping for 10 years. We work with over 30 brands and offer customized packages to meet our clients’ needs.

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