Why Implementing a House Accounting Increases Profit & Loyalty

Do you take advantage of a house account? If not, it’s an easy way to supplement shoulder seasons and slower dayparts while supporting your growth projections. House accounts are businesses or frequent customers who place orders and are invoiced once a month. Local businesses, sports teams, charities, schools, churches, military bases, and other organizations are examples of possible house accounts. These businesses like one simple payment method per month for catering for large groups.

You can set up a billing schedule for house accounts in your POS system, and bill house accounts monthly for all orders placed during that month. The only downside is that your bills may not get paid in time or you may have to invest an inordinate amount of time in chasing the invoice, but typically the sales will off-set any inconvenience.

Beyond driving sales, it’s a positive initiative to increase loyalty. Having a house account makes customers feel that they have some ownership in the restaurant, thus creating a stronger connection. It’s simply an excellent tool to create more of a bond with your guests.