Indevia Services For Franchisors

As a preferred vendor, Indevia works closely with franchisors to develop a customized accounting and reporting program.

With our current and accurate franchisee financial data, franchisors are able to:

  • Provide accurate and solid data for Item 19 of the FDD
  • Know the real cost of opening a store
  • Attract favorable loan rates with strong financials
  • Detect system-wide patterns quickly

For uniform reporting, a franchisor should consider the following:

  • Common chart of accounts
  • Common financial statement format
  • Fixed reporting date for weekly, monthly, and annual financial statements
  • Common software platform
  • Common data warehouse
  • Fixed set of financial performance indicators
  • Authorized vendor list for goods and services, including accounting

Indevia supports Quickbooks for accounting and ProfitKeeper for accounting and data warehousing.

Indevia can provide a common chart of accounts adapted to the franchisor’s needs derived from “The Uniform System of Accounts for Restaurants: A Guide to Standardized Restaurant Accounting, Financial Controls, Record-Keeping and Relevant Tax Matters” endorsed by the National Restaurant Association.