Franchisor Services

Indevia Accounting offers preferred vendor accounting programs for franchisors. Our customized accounting and reporting programs help franchisors and franchisees succeed.

With our current and accurate franchisee financial data, franchisors are able to:

  • Provide accurate and solid data for Item 19 of the FDD
  • Know the real cost of opening a store
  • Attract favorable loan rates with strong financials
  • Detect system-wide patterns quickly

For uniform reporting, a franchisor should consider the following:

  • Common chart of accounts
  • Common financial statement format
  • Fixed reporting date for weekly, monthly, and annual financial statements
  • Common software platform
  • Common data warehouse
  • Fixed set of financial performance indicators
  • Authorized vendor list for goods and services, including accounting

Indevia supports Quickbooks, Sage Intaact, and Restaurant365 for accounting and ProfitKeeper for accounting and data warehousing.

For restaurant franchisors, Indevia Accounting can provide a common chart of accounts adapted to the franchisor’s needs derived from “The Uniform System of Accounts for Restaurants: A Guide to Standardized Restaurant Accounting, Financial Controls, Record-Keeping and Relevant Tax Matters” endorsed by the National Restaurant Association.