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Indevia Accounting Awards 2015 Scholarship to Local College Student

Sean Manion

Every year, Indevia Accounting awards a scholarship to a local college student. The student must be female, an accounting or business major, and receive financial aid.

This year’s winner received a scholarship of $1,000. She has completed ESL and begun her Business Associate’s Degree. Her GPA is over 3.0, and she is eager to progress in her studies. Her daughter was the first to say she was seeking volunteer opportunities to pay back the community that has helped her so much.

Her professors’ recommendations spoke to her excellent skills in the classroom as well as to her remarkable resilience in the face of adversity. She is a truly courageous model for anyone struggling to overcome challenges in life, and Indevia is pleased to help her on her road to success.

According to Dev Purkayastha, CEO and founder of Indevia Accounting, “Young people of courage and determination make the USA great. Our scholarship winner personifies these qualities. It is Indevia’s privilege to provide a modest support on her path to success. We salute all Indevia scholars, past, present, and future for the fine example they set.”


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