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Indevia Accounting Awards 2017 Scholarship

Every year, Indevia Accounting supports a scholarship to Accounting or Business students at Southwestern College. These scholarships are profoundly meaningful to our founder and CEO, Dev Purkayastha. He recalls that his mother had no means to support three small children in India after she was widowed. After the death of her husband, a scholarship allowed her to go back to school and return to the workplace as a school headmistress.

Dev believes that education has a “butterfly effect” that profoundly improves families, communities and the world.  When Dev was becoming a Chartered Accountant (the Indian equivalent of a CPA) and earning his MBA at Harvard Business School, small scholarships made big differences in his life. They meant that someone believed he was worth investing in and would be successful. He vowed to always give back and focus his giving on education.

Indevia Accounting awards scholarships to students striving to get ahead in the business world. Tied to our profits, the Indevia Accounting scholarship amount has grown each year. In 2017, we presented two awards to two very deserving students at Southwestern College.

We commend Southwestern College for the fine job they do for our community and for their students.  We are proud of our Indevia Accounting Inc. Scholars, and wish them well in their journey towards educational and financial success. Based on their journeys so far, we are positive they will be strong role models in their chosen fields.

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Indevia™ Accounting is one of the largest restaurant accounting service providers and industry innovators. Since its inception, Indevia has focused on delighting clients by providing comprehensive accounting and strategic services for restaurant owners.


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