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Indevia Accounting Launches The Money Shield

we-shield-it-restaurant-accountingSan Diego, CA – January 10, 2017 – Indevia Accounting, a large franchise restaurant accounting firm, has announced the launch of The Money Shield™. This new service quickly alerts clients if money is missing from their bank account. CEO Dev Purkayastha stated “Money can be lost to missing deposits, IRS garnishments, theft and more. We launched The Money Shield to help our clients save money.”

Some clients are already reaping the benefits of The Money Shield. One client, a major Quick Service Restaurant franchisee, was missing over $15,000 in merchant deposits that had not cleared. With Indevia’s help, he determined that his credit card machines were faulty and needed to be replaced. Another client was able to quickly identify theft by an employee and remedy the situation.

Michael Marques, Indevia’s VP of Sales, stated “Our team has made sure that it’s easy to sign up for The Money Shield. All we need is online access to your POS report, credit card merchant processor statement, and bank statement.”

To sign up for The Money Shield, please call Michael Marques at (844) 463-3842 or email

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Indevia Accounting has become an industry leader and innovator in the area of restaurant accounting and restaurant bookkeeping services. Since its inception, Indevia has focused on delighting clients by providing comprehensive accounting and strategic services for restaurant owners.


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