The Money Shield

If someone stole money from your business, would you know it? Our clients do.

  • Theft can occur at the point-of-sale level and at the bank level.
  • Deposits can go missing, credit card machines can malfunction, the IRS can garnish your receivables without notice, the merchant processor may fail to make the deposit in your bank…
  • These losses can be the difference between making and losing money.

The Money Shield alerts you if money is missing from your bank account. By tracking cash and credit card receipts from your POS to your bank, we can identify even small losses. You earned your money – we want to make sure it doesn’t get lost along the way.

It’s easy to sign up for The Money Shield and all contracts are month-to-month. Just provide access to your POS report, credit card merchant processor statement, and bank statement – now you are ready to go!

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“Indevia Accounting alerted me to a “missing deposit” several months ago.  We did an investigation and proved that this shift manager had stolen the deposit and terminated his employment. I just found out that he was arrested for embezzling over $50,000 from a volunteer fire department. THANK YOU for helping us catch him so quickly and before he did more financial damage to our company!”
— Eve W.


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