About Us

Lower cost, superior results

Indevia uses “Lean” principles to improve productivity and boost quality. The goal of “Lean” is to simplify processes in order to focus on the activities that best serve the client and eliminate wasteful activities.

We focus on activities that add value to our franchisees and franchisors, while working to eliminate those that are non-value added. Each step in the bookkeeping process has a certain amount of cost and error, so by getting rid of those steps, both quality and cost improve.

We have been providing bookkeeping services since 2008. As a preferred vendor for five major franchisor brands, we have both experience and expertise. Our team is here to provide accurate and timely financials, in addition to analytics that will improve your company’s financial health.

Lean principles allow us to keep costs low while providing superior accounting services for franchisees and franchisors.

After growing over 40% on average over the last eight years, Indevia understands the importance of growth and having the infrastructure to support it. As your business grows and your accounting needs become more complex, our “Lean” approach can help you save money, reduce errors, and meet benchmarks.

Indevia was founded by Indian immigrant Dev Purkayastha. A Baker Scholar and High Distinction graduate of Harvard Business School and successful venture capitalist, he prides himself on being personally available to our clients.

“I have been amazed by how they are able to process the large amount of data input in a timely and accurate manner. Indevia has allowed me to become current with my restaurants’ financial statements while involving me less.”

Martin S.
Multi-Unit Franchise Owner and IPC Member

Restaurant accounting team members listen to a presentation.

Community Matters To Indevia!

Indevia is also involved in our local community. Each year, Indevia provides a scholarship to a woman studying business or accounting who is also receiving financial aid. We feel strongly about our community involvement and are proud to support these women who are striving for excellence.